Live Fire Cooking

Asado, or live fire cooking, is more than a just a technique.

It is a long seeded, cultural tradition and social event born in South America. It uses the simplest form of cooking - fire, grill, fresh food - working with the elements of the earth to connect ourselves to our community and the food we eat. Asado is an earthen, simplistic and visually beautiful form of cooking that incorporates all the senses, and invites people to be closer to the experience of cooking food.

This asado style of catering is inspired by Mirasol’s father, a native of Argentina and a steward of living a life close to earth, and by the rhythms of nature.

This is a service we are proud to offer, as it brings a passion for and connection to life in an encompassing way. We’re reminded of the common ground that connects us and makes us feel alive. And, quite frankly, it’s incredibly fun and exciting. We can work in many different and remote locations with this style of cooking.

If you are interested in this style of cooking for your event please let us know in the contact form or when we connect.